Bikeyface Open Studio, Dec. 7 & 8th

For those in the Boston area- this weekend I am having an open studio. Come say hello, buy a poster, eat the snacks I put out:

Open Studios, Vernon Street Studios
December 7th & 8th, 12-6pm
6 Vernon Street, Studio 54, Somerville MA, 02145


Just follow the sharrows to find my studio space. There are 70 other artists in the building showing as well- it’s a great way to see art, buy holiday gifts, and support local artists.


New- Bikeyface Store!

It’s always been easy to have a bikeyface on your bike. But now you can have a Bikeyface indoors. Introducing new Bikeyface posters, available in the new Bikeyface store:

Bikeyface 11×17 Happiness poster


This poster was inspired by reading about the World Happiness Report. The happiest nations are also the most bikey. Is that really that surprising?

Bikeyface 18×24 Be Yourself poster

Just be yourself. On Wheels.

Because sometimes it seems many people think these two cyclists are on the road. I don’t know about you, but I see many other bicyclists out there these days. I created this poster to open everyone’s mind and invite more people to grab a bike, no spandex/skinny jeans required. 

Bikeyface Open Studio

For those in the Boston area- I’ll be having an open studio event in December where you can buy in person:

Open Studios, Vernon Street Studios
December 7th & 8th, 12-6pm
6 Vernon Street, Studio 54, Somerville MA, 02145

While there, you’ll have a chance to view my non-Bikeyface art as well as visit many other artists’ studios.

As always, thanks for reading & supporting Bikeyface! 

Bikes & Art: Somerville Arts Council March Salon Event


I’m pleased to announced that I will be speaking at the Somerville Arts Council’s March 2013 Salon event: The Intersection of Bikes and Art

Wednesday, March 27 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA

What do you get when bicycles and art cross paths? Skunk, Against the Grind, and Bikeyface will lead us on a wheeling adventure that intersects comics, robots, road culture, documentary filmmaking, lasers, blogging, choppers and more. Visit the Somerville Art Council site for more information about this and other great events and programs.

Cycle Tracks, coming soon to a city near you?

Recently I went on a little vacation- one of those hastily planned ones that involves grabbing your passport and getting out on the road. I headed for Montreal, with no knowledge of the city or research under my belt. Sometimes these are the best vacations, because they let you feel like you really “discovered” something rather than discover it in a tourist book and add it to an itinerary. What did I discover? This!

Luckily I had brought my bike a GoPro camera.

Lately, Boston and neighboring towns have been talking cycle tracks. It is in the air here, and I hope it happens! If you are in the Boston area and interested in getting in on the action, please join with the Boston Cyclists Union.

Bikeyface T-Shirts at Hub Bicycle!

Bikeyface cartoon on the front


3M reflective lettering on the back!

Did you miss out on on getting a Bikeyface T-shirt during bike month? The last few are now available at Hub Bicycle Co. in Cambridge, MA. But get over there quickly- there is a very limited supply!

But even if you’re not able to I’m working on new shirts (and more.) Stay tuned!

If you are a bike shop (or other type of shop) that would like to carry Bikeyface t-shirts and other merchandise please contact me directly at merch [at] bikeyface [dot] com. I’m working on a few things and would love to get an idea of interest while I’m in the planning stage.

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